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‘Don Papa’ is a tribute to Papa Isio, the real and charismatic leader from Negros who, in the 1890s, helped drive the Spanish from the island and win independence for Sugarlandia. The figure Don Papa is inspired by Papa Isio, though is not the same person. Instead, Don Papa is the embodiment of the Spirit of Sugarlandia.


What is the spirit of Sugarlandia?

Sugarlandia is the spiritual home of Don Papa Rum. It is a timeless place where nature is the still the dominant life force. It is lush, fertile land in which sugarcane thrives. The old sugar mills in Negros grind the sugar cane, the original sugar varietal which in turn results in our special ‘black gold’ molasses, from which the rich, sweet Don Papa Rum is distilled.

Fundamentally, Sugarlandia represents a magical-realist state of mind. It is like living a dream where you often have to look twice to be certain of what is happening and time seems to go back as well as forward. Odd, but marvellous things occur and it is all too easy to become entranced.

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