"Flora Fauna De Sugarlandia"

"Flora Fauna De Sugarlandia" (2020)

Joseph M Ingking
2x4 Digital Art
Artistic Merit Award, People's Choice Award


“A showcase of the rich flora and fauna of Sugarlandia, sugar canes and the fertile Mt.Kanlaon incorporated with the timeless, tropical vibrancy of colors as a suggestion to the flavors, passion, and lifeforce that thrives through time in Sugarlandia ,thus producing the unique taste and elegant quality of Don Papa. Elements of the piece also show the artist's depiction of stylized exotic foliage, endangered species of the area. This reminds us of the role to conserve, propagate them because they are crucial in the role of biodiversity. They aid in creating the perfect natural flavors to the environment. The stylized sugar canes also are distributed throughout the piece as to show the fusion of the planted and natural species. This piece is influenced by the artist's work experiences in graphic design-print, illustration and the surreal fantasy. Rendered using the traditional hand sketching on a digital workspace and hand painted digitally. The reverse linework also is purposed to show a print like – rough, etching effect and suggests a spirit like vibe to distinguish the elements of the piece. ”

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