"Passage to the Land of Sugar"

"Passage to the Land of Sugar" (2018)

Lee Paje
Lee Paje
3.6x6 Oil and Patina On Copper
Grand Prize Winner
Artistic Merit Award, People's Choice Award


"Passage to the Land of Sugar’ explores the possibilities and adventures beyond the walls (of the canister) into the boundless Sugarlandia universe may it be to an exhilarating cityscape, a vibrant seascape, or the vast land of Sugar. It began with the question ‘How would the passageway to Sugarlandia be?’. Then it was developed into a visual narrative rooted in the historic past of Negros, melding present and future into a fantastical dimension, and forming windows between worlds. This piece shows the path to Mt. Kanlaon where it originates, to the world where experiencing the sweet rum, and to the rest of Sugarlandia waiting to be explored. Within the tower-like structure (once formed as a cylindrical canister), animals found in Negros are next to explorers' tools and maps; American oak barrels are beside books; and the sugar cane is reimagined and reinterpreted in various ways. What I hope to show is that the closer one looks, the closer one discovers the expanse of the adventure waiting to be unraveled just like how Don Papa rum drinkers find complex flavors within each sip."

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